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I love you

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SadistSherlock’s Follow Forever List

My blog is  two-years old and to celebrate, here is my follow forever list:  

 alwaysandnevercounted bitch-stitches bossmademestartablog caringwillsavethem evil-is-the-new-sexy gamblingtigersniper jimmyinwestwood jimthewebspinner johannaof221b leapinglisa lizziewsmoran michaelmyersismyhusband  meekisnotweak mellifluousdystopia miss-johanna-barker mollyinthespidersweb moriartystailor notyouraveragesecretary perverselyvex psychoticriminal sabinemoran sassinassassin satsukifujin sebastian-tiger-moran skullandridingcrop sniper-with-a-smoke tagalongsusan tailoredcrime themollyireneship torturedtiger yourdearestwatson 

I’ll never unfollow you wonderful people. I think you’re all amazing and you mean so much, even if all I do is watch you update from my dash. I love all of you. <3

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Popping on to let you know I’m still alive. 

my muse is still gone, but i’m still writing with OCs via text and it’s the best thing ever. 

i miss you guyssssssss

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watching a movie called The Conspiracy. omg what.



i wanna rp but i have 0% sherlock muse. i also wanna write porn. wtf am i supposed to do?

Reply to me??

._. oops i thought it did


If only dark wizards could be trusted.

he’s planning some big shit to reveal wizards to the muggles, fyi. 


Granted, she thinks it’s all gone forever.

if only life was so nice.

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Klaus/John because it’ll make me think of him in new light.

Klaus is gonna git him. he’s very persuasive.